Phở : the Warmth We Deserve


We went out last Sunday and it was freezing cold in Hamburg – that was the decision we immediately regretted. It’s time to look for some warmth. What would actually suit better in a cold than a hot bowl of broth with noodles? Yep, nothing.

Phở is a Vietnamese Noodle Soup, consist of mostly beef broth, rice noodle (called bánh phở), onion, basil, cilantro, probably bean sprouts, fish sauce, a little bit of lime juice and meat – primarily beef or chicken, but there are few other twists in the restaurant we were in. It has good amount of vegetables, low on grease or fat, very clear and comforting broth. It is a very popular dish from Vietnam and having these kind of dish representation in Europe’s cold weather is such a blessing.

We were at quan do, a Vietnamese restaurant at the corner of Rosenstrasse and Kürze Mühren, ordered a bowl of phở tôm. Basically a normal phở, but instead of beef meat, it’s with shrimp. It was very delicate and clear, but we expected actually more surprises from the dish. We had had a couple of ph with bean sprouts and mint leaves, those were not in our dish – not like we’re disappointed though. The crunch of the bean sprouts and freshness from mint leaves would actually come together with the delicacy of the broth. On the side we had a so-called Quay (chinese: Youtiao), a long, deep fried bread dough. A very good companion for the ph. We didn’t know how to eat it the right Vietnamese way, so we dipped it to the broth and we didn’t feel bad about it, at all. The Quay became actually kind of mushy and easier to chew, but still had the consistency of the dough. It’s a good Quay-mpanion.. no, that is actually bad, sorry. It is actually a good take by the restaurant, very delicious. Definitely that’s something we deserve to have for going outside.

Tell us what you think about the dish, or any idea what should we try next!

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