Mad Trip – Vienna Day 2

So we continued our trip, starting with a set of brunch. Our research told us that one of the most common snack in Austria is the open sandwich. It is a simple piece of bread with sorts of topping. We were at one of the best open sandwich bar in Vienna called Trezsniewski, located in the middle of the city and had a lot of options of open sandwiches.

The options were kind of overwhelming, but I pick the safe bets. My choices were salmon, champignons, crab with eggs and cucumber with eggs. I don’t know what my friend picked, but I think they were all in general similar. These sandwiches are very light, very fresh. One to another sandwich that had this scrambled egg tasted not so much different after all, but everything had its own authenticity. For example, the champignon was a little bit smoky, as the salmon was a tad minty-fresh and the crab was very much crab-like.

We went on to museums and all possible beautiful spots in Vienna. I have to say, it’s pretty. I love the way the city keeps its classic buildings yet modernism is also there. Also, we went for a classic : Wiener Apfelstrudel. So we went to Gröissbock Bakery in south area. It was a small bakery, yet had so many options of sweets and coffees. We went here because it’s one of the best places in Vienna to have basically anything and specially Apfelstrudel.

This dish is amazing. It’s not too sweet, like any other desserts normally are, or like it looked like, and that is how exactly I like my desserts. It has a little bit sour and sweet in the apple filling, making it a very freshening experience in your mouth, instead of mouth-washing indulgence.

That will sum up our short Easter trip to Vienna. I hope you had fun while reading it. Make sure you follow our Instagram @madmeal_ so you dont miss our updates!

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