Hamburg’s Sunday Fish Market

Hamburg has the biggest port in Germany and second-busiest in Europe and therefore Der Hamburger Hafen (german for Hamburg’s port) is one of the main attention you have to visit if you’re planning to come here.

One of the weekly tradition around the port is one so called Hamburger Fischmarkt, literally translates to Hamburg’s fish market. It’s an open market, not only for fish, and held on every Sunday morning in the Altona district. You can hear people since dawn yelling and shouting to offer you their goods. We came around 9 a.m. for some reasons. For one, we did not get up that early. Secondly, it is because of the hurry of closing time that comes near, the sellers are, well more often than not, “desperate” to sell their fresh goods – like fruits, fish, vegetables -and thus, the prices are getting lower and lower. You could get a huge bucket of fruits for say between 5-10 Euros, which we would say a good deal. If you’re lucky enough to find the most desperate of all, you could get goods for free. My friend was once offered a kilogram of squid, for free!

Not only fresh goods, the market also has finger foods, which we were specifically after. This is – seemingly, judging by the crowd – the most famous seafood snacks joint on the market. It’s called the Heidi Fisk – don’t ask us if they’re related to the infamous Wilson Fisk.

They offer Fischbrötchen (a small bread, sliced and filled with fish) and fried seafood. We went with the fried seafood. I had my Kibbeling with garlic sauce. It’s chunks of fish fillet, battered and fried, which originated from Netherlands. My colleague had a fried cod fish with remoulade sauce.

I had to say, without bias judgement and later my colleague also agreed, that the Kibbeling was better than the fried cod. The crisp was perfect and the batter was surprisingly delicious. Both went really well with condiments. And so, judging by the food, I guess they deserve the crowd they’re having.

All in all, it was a fun trip. Especially when the weather is good, it is definitely worth the visit. There are plenty other stuffs you could try like fresh oysters, smoked eel, orange juice, sautéed potato with fried egg, and many more.

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