Hamburg Street Food Session

It’s here: an outdoor street food fest with summer vibe all around.

Last Thursday we were at the Hamburg Street Food Session, where multiple vendors offer their best foods while enjoying the sun. Luckily it was all good weather, despite all the subtle winds. There were a lot to cover actually, but we had picked some interesting stuffs.

Our first munch were the Sri-Lankan Roti. On the poster of this event Sri Lankan Food stood out the most and we were curious enough to take a bite. They offer pineapple curry, aubergine curry, bio-ground beef, tomato-avocado, and another stuff I could not make out of as fillings. All these were served with cheese. So you have a fried dough, filled with your choice of filling, and then will be covered with cheddar cheese. It costs quite a bit much, i guess, for “street food”, but hey it does not come really often.

Imagine eating something mildly crispy, with a sweet sour filling and a little bit of cheese. The whole texture is actually something you’d expect from Roti or any similar South Asia-influenced finger foods (e.g. martabak, sambosa – with the former being the closer comparison). We don’t know whether the cheddar cheese was the elementary ingredient for this Roti or this was a kind of their representation, but either way it was fine – not particularly bad, but not the best finger food I’ve ever had

Another stuff that we tried out of shallow curiosity was Sushi Burrito, because, you know, Sushi Burrito is the most uncommon stuff we’d find. Again it’s gotta be said, for the price we were actually paying for, we were expecting a bit more.

It contained crab meat – I don’t think it was the fresh crab meat but rather instant surimi you could find in many German groceries – cucumber, sliced bell pepper, lettuce, and of course to make it a little more sushi-like, sushi rice. All of these are wrapped in a nori and you get a tiny bottle of soy sauce, which was… weird.

First of all, why is it called Sushi Burrito at the first place? Because of its shape, not taste? Well, it also did not taste sushi-like. We have only seen and not yet tasted sushi burrito, but had we known that sushi burrito was just uncut sushi, that should not have been on the list.

Nevertheless the street food session is in general a fun place to be in and to chill with friends or family. The event is held until October in Spielbudenplatz in the St. Pauli – Reeperbahn district if you’re planning to go.

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