Mad Trip: Copenhagen

When you have the chance to see and experience a city – a capital city of another country to be precise – which is located just merely 350 km away from you, would you take it? I would, definitely.

Copenhagen is 5 hours driving time away from Hamburg and would cost me 20 Euros for bus ticket so I said, “Why not?”. We (A friend and I) took the bus at 5.45 pm, which arrived late but still okay and went all the way to the Danish capital. We arrived in Copenhagen at midnight and it was actually an option to go out and see what usually happens, but we plan to go early at the morning so we crashed.

So the first culinary encounter in Copenhagen (skipping breakfast we had at the hostel) was a set of seafood dishes at Viben Fiskehus. Seafood is one of the primary menu in Denmark, due to their geography and relationship with sea. I don’t know precisely how it is in Denmark but Viben Fiskehus was not like the usual fish store I have seen. They have great branding, proper and clean shop, and of course, fresh fishes and seafoods. From what I understood the “fish boutique” stood since 1974 – it’s 44 years already – and this means that the dishes should be good.

Out of my sparkling curiosity I ordered the Lobster Roll – which cost me a-bit-pricey 115 DKK, that’s around 15 Euros or 17 USD. I guess the lobster has a lot to say in this bit. My friend ordered hake fish & chips which cost 99 DKK, as many as 13 Euros or 15 USD. I heard in a lot of reviews that the food – well, actually almost everything – is a little bit pricey, so this was kind of expected.

BUT MY OH MY, the Lobster Roll really hit home. It was perfect, very, very, very delicious. I guess this is when people said “you dine for the experience”. The inside part of the bun was covered in butter and probably cooked for a little while. The lobster was mixed with pickles, onions, and a mixture of sauce, which i was not really sure of. My first guess was dill sauce, but then probably it was tartar. As soon as you bit the roll, it was really a mixture of everything – sweet, sour, salty, bitter. The hake fish and chips was incredible too. The fish was not battered like English fish and chips, they used breadcrumbs. The way the hake crushed in your mouth is really a way of its own. It’s not the usual rather firm texture you would have in your normal fish and chips, it’s mushier and softer. Oh, and the chips are salted with sea salt. In addition to this, I perceived they have so much sea salt, that everything in everywhere has sea salt.

Our second culinary encounter was at Chicks by Chicks. Probably a franchise restaurant, but they have this roast chicken that they season organically. It was located near the Tivoli Theme Park – well, located in a building called Tivoli Food Hall. This food hall serves actually a lot, but Chicks by Chicks was the only one I did my research on. You could go in here and try anything else you desire.

I had the 1/4 roast chicken with chips and spicy mayo dip, while my friend had a crispy chicken burger. The roast chicken was delicate. The seasoning has gotten through until its deepest layer, yet the skin of the chicken was not too salty. On the skin you’d see a cut of rosemary or something else to season the chicken, that’s nice to know they really implement organic “organic” – or at least make us to think so. Again, the chips were also salted in sea salt. It was very good, that I was contemplating to just use sea salt from now on. We had a debate about the chicken burger. It was about “which part of the chicken was it”. It doesn’t look like breast filet, since it looked like it has a little bit fat in it. Our guess was either the drumstick part of the wings or somewhere off the cutlet. Either way it tasted nice, yet the dressing and the dip was a little bland, with the knowledge that it was listed as a spicy mayo.

On day 2, we planned to go to the Copenhagen Street Food. However the supposed-to-be a huge food hall was demolished some time in the past and the tenants moved a couple hundred meters from there. We were devastated, more because that there were not as many tenants as there were supposed to be. To put in to context, we also put it into our list instead of Kodbyens Høker, a famous hot-dog & sandwich joint in Norrebrø. But what’s done is done and we settled for anything what’s there

I got myself a bowl of ceviche with cod fish and fried corn. It consisted of fish or anything from sea (I have seen one with octopus), slices of cabbage, cilantro, pico de gallo, and a spicy mixture called leche tigre. Ceviche is somewhat famous in Copenhagen, you could have found it also in Viben Fiskehus. It is originally from Peru, stated the chef. He also said that some Latin America countries have their own take on ceviches. What I liked from this ceviche is that it’s very light and very fresh. Probably not the very suiting dish to eat at the time (it was breezy) but in general it was a very fresh dish. The leche tigre, the mixture of lime juice and chili was very uplifting. What I didn’t like from it was the fried corn. Although it provided some texture into the dish, but it didn’t do anything more than that.

That was it. Those were all our culinary encounters in Copenhagen last week. I hope we could have stayed much longer because I should have tried smorrebrød – I know I should have – and everything else in between. When the opportunity comes next time I should seize it.

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